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Night and Day

Pictures at an Exhibition

Music and Space


Rhythm and Pulse

Recycled Rhythms







Form and Structure



Hammers and Gongs

Indian Music








Instruments of the Orchestra

Popular Song

African Music


Folk Music

Chinese Music







Medieval Music









Building Bricks

Exploring the Elements of Music




Hooks and Riffs

Exploring Repeated Musical Patterns




Dance Music

Exploring Rhythm, Metre and Chords




Keyboard Skills

Exploring Effective Keyboard Performance Technique





Exploring Reggae and Syncopation






Exploring Film Music




I’ve Got Rhythm

Exploring Rhythm and Pulse





Exploring Ways to Develop Musical Ideas



Computer & Video Game Music

Exploring Global Computer and Video Game Music




Form and Structure

Exploring Musical Structures




Feeling the Blues

Exploring the Blues




New Directions

Exploring ways to develop music from small ideas in twentieth century music




Sonority City

Exploring Instruments of the Orchestra





All That Jazz

Exploring Jazz Improvisation





Exploring Rhythms and Performing as an Ensemble



What Makes a Good Song?


Popular Songs




All About the Bass

Exploring Bass Clef Reading and Notation





Exploring Cover Songs and Musical Arrangements






Saharan Sounds

Exploring Textures and Rhythms