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Musical Contexts Starters and “DOITNOW’s” Bank


Musical Contexts Starter Activities suitable for the “start of term” and new Year 7’s


What is Music? (Handout & Teacher’s Notes .pdf)

What is Music? (Audio .mp3)

Pupils discuss and attempt to define the word “music” and listen to six extracts discussing them as “music”.


My Name Is…..? (Handout/Score & Teacher’s Notes .pdf)

My Name Is…..? (Audio .mp3)

A great way of getting young people vocalising/singing at the start of term and a good way of learning new Year 7’s names!


The Lighthouse Game (Teacher’s Notes .pdf)

A game for controlling the use of classroom percussion instruments and establishing rules for instrumental work



Musical Contexts “DOITNOW’s” PowerPoint Presentations


“DOITNOW’s” - The Elements of Music (165 MB) (PowerPoint Presentation .pptx)

The first in a new “DOITNOW” series from Musical Contexts covering 46 PowerPoint Presentation slides giving a range of “DOITNOW” activities covering The Elements of Music.  Audio files are included and embedded as required.  The activities are suitable for both the Secondary/Key Stage 3 (the “Elements of Music” being a popular ‘opening topic/unit’ at the start of Year 7), and for the new 2016 GCSE (9-1) Music specifications.  Differentiation will therefore be by outcome with 2016 GCSE (9-1) Music pupils requiring to draw on subject-specific vocabulary from the new specifications, whereas Secondary/Key Stage 3 pupils may use a more basic level of musical vocabulary.  Suggested answers are given in the “slide comments” section.