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After many requests from subscribers, I’ve put together a Year 7 Music Baseline Assessment Listening Test which can be used to assess the musical knowledge and understanding of new year 7’s at the start of term.  The test can be easily administered in a one hour music lesson and comes complete with an audio file which contains all the instructions, example questions and musical extracts.  The test covers areas such as pitch, rhythm, melody, the elements of music, notation, world music and musical instruments.  There’s also space for pupils to record their achievements in music, both in junior school and beyond and to set any targets they’d like to achieve during the year(s) ahead.  There’s supporting guidance notes and a mark scheme for teachers and the test can be customised and edited if required, being available in both .pdf and .doc formats.  The audio file is available in a choice of two formats - an “automated” recording and an actual human!  The choice is yours!!

Year 7 Music Baseline Assessment Listening Test

National Curriculum Levels were abandoned in June 2013, but many schools and teachers continue to use them to measure and assess pupil’s performance and achievements in a range of subjects.  Musical Contexts gives teachers the option whether to use these levels (including sub-levels) or whether to use their own method of assessment.  For teachers and schools continuing to use the National Curriculum Music Level Descriptors, the following resources and documents may be of use.

What NC Music Level are You?
(Set of 9 posters for classroom display)

Music Skills Overviews


The following overview sheets can be used in relation to National Curriculum Levels, Programmes of Study and example Skill Related Activities for Key Stages 1-3

Understanding ‘The National Level’


A useful guide comparing Key Stage, Age, Year, Term, Level and GCSE grades.


Sample Materials

Year 7 Resources

Year 8 Resources

Year 9 Resources

GCSE Music

Music Documents

Musical Contexts

Key Stage 2 Music Resources


Frequently Asked Questions


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Sample Teacher

Assessment Sheet

Pupil Composition

Assessment/Evaluation/Reflection Sheet

Pupil Listening Sheet for observing, reflecting,

describing and


Pupil Assessment Sheet—Creating and Designing

Pupil Self

Assessment Sheet

Music Journal

Example of a Music Journal to allow pupils to record

evidence of their own

learning in a lesson “log”

NC Music Level Posters (1-EP)

Great for AFL and classroom display and showing how the NC Level Descriptors progress from Level 1 to EP









MC KS3 Scheme of Work Template


Blank KS3 Music Scheme of work template used in

Musical Contexts

MC KS3 Lesson Plan Template


Blank KS3 Lesson Plan

template used in

Musical Contexts

KS3 Music

Curriculum Map and LTP

Overview of units covered by Years 7, 8 & 9 showing how Musical Contexts can be used to support units of learning

Music Handbook

Starting in a new school with no Music Handbook?

Got an inspection looming?

This customizable blank Music Handbook can be completed with your details quickly and easily











Music Puzzles

Ideal for that last minute cover or end of term activity!

Get out of Music Room Free Passes

Can be given to pupils who correctly answer questions to enable them to leave the room at the end of the lesson.



Find out what activities pupils enjoy (or not!) in Music


Instrument Tuition Request Form

Useful pro-forma for pupils seeking instrumental tuition

Think, Write, Pair Share

Very flexible worksheet which can be used in a range of topics and units.

Kindly contributed by

Jonathan Haslett, Head of Music, St John’s Catholic School and Sixth Form Centre, Bishop Auckland



Year 7 Music

Baseline Assessment Listening Test -

Pupil Answer



Year 7 Music

Baseline Assessment Listening Test Complete Audio Track (automated)



41.7 MB


Year 7 Music

Baseline Assessment Test

Teachers Guidance and Mark Scheme


Year 7 Music Baseline Assessment Listening Test

Audio Transcript


Year 7 Music Baseline Assessment Listening Test

Complete Audio Track (human!)



44.7 MB


Converting Baseline Assessment Marks into NC Levels

(a guide only!)







Exploring Sound







Listening & Responding















Performing on Instruments








Audience, Roles and Venue