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Exploring Film Music

This newly-updated unit aims to give pupils the experience of being “film soundtrack composers” and explores the challenges and musical devices used in film soundtrack composition.   The unit focuses on three genres of film soundtrack: Action/Thriller Soundtracks, ‘Western’ Soundtracks and “Horror Movie” Soundtracks.  Pupils begin by exploring Leitmotifs and how they have been used to represent certain “characters” or “situations” in films, before exploring how Themes have been used in film soundtracks and performing a number of “James Bond” Themes.  Pupils compose their own soundtrack to the new James Bond film trailer “Spectre” learning how film composers use “Cuesheets” to create music to fit with exact timings.  Pupils perform a famous Theme from a ‘Western’ exploring how film music composers use instruments “associated” with ‘The Wild West’  to create a sense of Time and Place.  Finally, pupils explore soundtracks to “Horror Movies”, learning about Concords and Discords and how composers of “Horror Movies” use Discords, instrumentation and extremes of Pitch to create their own “Horror Movie” soundtrack using a Storyboard to help them with their planning.

If you have been using the previous Year 9 Unit 2 - “Soundtracks” unit, this can be downloaded in its entirety (links removed from lesson plans and scheme of work) as a zipped file by clicking on the link to the right.

Element Focus - Pitch, Timbre & Dynamics, Melody & Harmony, Structure & Form

The previous “Year 9 Unit 2 - Soundtracks” unit can be downloaded in its entirety (links removed from lesson plans and scheme of work) by clicking on the icon below









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