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Secondary/Key Stage 3 Unit - Musicals

 Musical Contexts “IN ACTION” - Cellblock Tango
Hear a selection of Year 9 Mixed Ability Classes approach the whole class performance task of “Cellblock Tango” from “Chicago” from Musical Contexts.
Supporting Activities - Cover & Homework

Sings Musicals

(Selection of songs from musicals performed by musical greats)

Exploring Songs from the Stage

This unit explores songs and music from the stage, beginning with an exploration into “What makes up a musical?”  Pupils explore the history and developments of elements of a musical, from their origins in opera, before exploring the impact of an “opening number” (‘All That Jazz’) in terms of chords and vamps, putting together a group performance.  Pupils move onto rehearse a full class performance of ‘Cellblock Tango’ (also from “Chicago”), with some great accompanying pupil audio tracks!  The unit ends with a choice of pathways - teachers can select whether pupils compose their own scene from a musical based on visual stimuli of a slave marketplace, or whether to continue the performance focus of the unit and allow pupils to work on a group performance of a song from a musical - there are plenty of arrangements in a range of difficulty levels here!

Element Focus - Timbre & Dynamics, Melody & Harmony, Structure & Form


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Score 1 - “All That Jazz” - Chords & Bass Line

Score 2 - “All That Jazz” - Melody, Chords, Bass Line & Full Score

Song Sheet 1 - “All That Jazz”

Song Example on Audio 1

MIDI 1 - Song Melody;       MIDI 2 - Chords (intro);      MIDI 3 - Bass Line (intro);

MIDI 4 - Chords & Bass Line together (intro)

MIDI 5 - Chords (complete);   MIDI 6 - Bass Line (complete);        MIDI 7 - Melody, Chords & Bass Line together

Song Sheet 2 - Songs from “Chicago” (lyrics only)

All That Jazz - Song Example on Audio 1

When You’re Good to Mama - Song Example on Audio 3

They Both Reached for the Gun - Song Example on Audio 4

Funny Honey - Song Example on Audio 5








Worksheet 1

What does a Musical contain?


(uses Videos 1, 2 & 3)

Video 1


Part 1

Video 2


Part 2

Video 3


Part 3

Worksheet 2

Songs from Musicals

Worksheet 3

Listening to Songs from Musicals


(uses Audio 7)

Worksheet 4

Evaluating “All That Jazz” Performances








Worksheet 5

Learning about



(uses Audio 8-11 & Video 2)

Audio 8

Opera Aria


Audio 9

Opera Recitative Example

Audio 10

Opera Chorus


Audio 11

Opera Bouffe Example

Video 5

Historic Vaudeville Acts

Worksheet 6

Composing a scene from a musical -

The Marketplace





Pupil Audio 1 Class W Performance of Cellblock Tango

Pupil Audio 2 Class x Performance of Cellblock Tango

Pupil Audio 3 Class Y Performance of Cellblock Tango

Pupil Audio 4 Class  Z Performance of Cellblock Tango

Scheme of Work

Lesson Plan (PDF)

Lesson Plan (DOC)

Lesson Bundles (ZIP)

Download all the resources you need for each lesson (excluding video files) in a ZIP file.

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Lesson 1

Exploring the origins of Musicals

Lesson Plan 1

Lesson Plan 1

Lesson 1
Resource Bundle

Lesson 2

Exploring an Opening Musical Number

Lesson Plan 2

Lesson Plan 2

Lesson 2
Resource Bundle

Lesson 3

Exploring a complete song from a Musical

Lesson Plan 3

Lesson Plan 3

Lesson 3
Resource Bundle

Lesson 4

Exploring a Chorus song with Solos

Lesson Plan 4

Lesson Plan 4

Lesson 4
Resource Bundle

Lessons 5 & 6A

Composing a Scene from a Musical

Lesson Plans

5 & 6A

Lesson Plans

5 & 6A

Lessons 5 & 6A
Resource Bundle

Lessons 5 & 6B

Performing a Song from a Musical

Lesson Plans

5 & 6B

Lesson Plans

5 & 6B

Lessons 5 & 6B
Resource Bundle








Cover/Homework 1

Chicago - Plot and Characters

Cover/Homework 2

Chicago Crossword

Cover/Homework 3


Word Search

Cover/Homework 4

The History of the


Cover/Homework 5

Musicals Timeline










Starter/Plenary 1

What? Where?

When? Why?

Starter/Plenary 2


Brainstorm Template

Starter/Plenary 3


Picture Quiz

Starter/Plenary 4

Opera or Musical?

Listening Quiz


(uses Audio 2)

Starter/Plenary 5

Watching a scene from a Musical


(uses Video 4)

Video 6

“Razzle Dazzle” - Chicago on Stage

Starter/Plenary 6

My Musicals








Sings Musicals 1

“Another Suitcase, Another Hall” from ‘Evita’ performed by Barbara Dickson

Sings Musicals 2

“As Long as He Needs Me” from ‘Oliver’ performed by Dame Shirley Bassey

Sings Musicals 3

“Feelin’ Good” from ‘The Roar of the Greaspaint’ performed by Muse

Sings Musicals 4

“Hello Dolly” from ‘Hello Dolly’ performed by Louis Armstrong

Sings Musicals 5

“Love me or Leave me” from ‘Whoopee!” performed by Peggy Lee

Sings Musicals 6

“Mack the Knife” from ‘The Threepenny Opera’ performed by Ella Fitzgerald



Song Sheet 3 - “Cellblock Tango” (lyrics only)

Score 3 - “Cellblock Tango” - Performing Sheet

Song Example on Audio 6

MIDI 8 - Cellblock Tango Percussion Rhythms

MIDI 9 - Chorus Chords & Bass Line

Song Sheet 4 - Songs from “Grease”

Score 4 - “Greased Lightning”

MIDI 10 - Song Melody & Melody Line;   MIDI 11 - Chords;   MIDI 12 - Bass Line:   MIDI 13 - All parts together

Score 5 - “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee”

MIDI 14 - Song Melody & Melody Line;   MIDI 15 - Chords;   MIDI 16 - Bass Line:   MIDI 17 - All parts together

Score 6 - “Summer Nights”

MIDI 18 - Song Melody & Parts 1 & 2 together;    MIDI 19 - Bass Line:   MIDI 20 - All parts together




Score 7 - “Any Dream Will Do” from ‘Joseph’

MIDI 21 - Melody Line:      MIDI 22 - Chords

MIDI 23 - Bass Line;        MIDI 24 - Melody, Chords & Bass Line

Score 8 - “Memory” from ‘Cats’

MIDI 25 - Melody Line:      MIDI 26 - Chords

MIDI 27 - Bass Line;        MIDI 28 - Melody, Chords & Bass Line