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  • I would like my School, College or Academy to pay Musical Contexts resources.  How do I do this?
    As well as personally paying for Musical Contexts resources, you can invoice your School, College or Academy. This includes 'full site subscriptions' and add-on extra resources. Head to the 'Shop and Add-On Extras' page and click on the 'Invoice Order Form' button which will allow you to download an "Invoice Order Form" which gives full details about the requisitioning, invoicing and payment process. Schools, College and Academies can pay via BACS/CHAPS or International Bank Transfers (for overseas schools) Please note that Musical Contexts no longer accepts cheques as a form of payment and that resources will not be provided until payment has been received.
  • Can I see some sample resources or have a free trial before I purchase a "Full Site Subscription"?
    Throughout the new Musical Contexts site, there are a plethora of sample resources either within scrolling or pop-up galleries, which gives a broad overview of the contents of each unit, pack or resource. Musical Contexts does not offer free trials to "Full Site Subscriber" resources.
  • What is and what is not included with a "Full Site Subscription" to Musical Contexts?
    The "Full Site Subscription" to Musical Contexts gives you access to everything within the "Resources" menu on the site. This includes: - 10 Primary/Key Stage 2 Music Units - The Musical Contexts 18 unit Fully-Resourced Secondary/KS3 Music Curriculum - GCSE, AS & A-Level Music Resources - Two Musical Contexts Year 7 Baseline Assessment Listening Tests - Two Musical Contexts Complete Warm-Ups Compendiums - Musical Contexts Music Cover Bank - Musical Contexts World Music Guides All other resources, available via the Shop & Add-On Extras page are NOT included within the "Full Site Subscription" and are available to purchase separately. Additionally, some of the resources contained within the "Full Site Subscription" are also available to purchase as individual and separate items.
  • I've just paid for a "Full Site Subscription" or product from Musical Contexts.  What happens now?
    Once your "Full Site Subscription" payment has been received and cleared, you will receive an email welcoming you to Musical Contexts containing your own unique username and password. If purchasing a single product, pack or "add-on" from the Musical Contexts Shop & Add-On Extras area, you will receive an automatic confirmation email from Wix Stores which will contain a copy of your Sales Invoice as well as a 'DOWNLOAD' link which you will need to click on to access the purchased resource. If you've purchased Google Forms products, then I will manually need to add you as an 'editor' to my Google Drive in order for you to MAKE A COPY of all Google Forms Quizzes. I will endeavour to do this as quickly as possible, but this may be slower at evenings and weekends. If your Google Drive email is different from the email you used to purchase Google products with, then please let me know by emailing
  • I am a "Full Site Subscriber" and I can't find a "log-in" button - how do I log-in?
    As with many other subscription/member websites, this is a feature that I wanted to add to the new Musical Contexts site. Sadly, with 'carrying over' literally thousands of subscriber log-ins and without having to make you all subscrube again (which goes completely against the 'one-time payment fee'), this feature was unable to be added and activated. As a result of this, there is no "log-in" button. Simply click on a password protected resource and a prompt, similar to the following, will appear. Enter your Username and Password (all lowercase, no spaces) and then click "Sign in". Your browser SHOULD prompt you to save these details which is recommended, otherwise you will have to enter them every time you click on a password protected resource.
  • Can I change my username and password?
    Unfortunately, due to the initial set up of the site, users are sadly unable to change their username and password given at the time of subscription, which is auto-generated but with a 'musical theme' to help it being easily memorable.
  • Will my subscription need “renewed” or be charged again?
    Making it easier for all parties, once your subscription fee has been paid, this will not be re-billed or recharged again making it a one-time payment.
  • The PPT Presentation Files (DOITNOW/Plenary Reviews etc.) and/or ZIP files won't download...
    If you're experiencing problems when either nothing is happening or an error message says that 'the file cannot be downloaded securely, then this is possibly due to using Google Chrome as a browser. Google Chrome sees all ZIP and PPT files as a threat, because you can can compress viruses and malware into them. I can assure you that all files are checked regularly for security and I have an up-to-date SSL license covering all files. This is just Google Chrome 'doing its job', but there are a several things to try to override this feature: 1. Right-click, Save RIGHT CLICK (not left click!) over the resource icon and a menu will appear. Clicking “Save Link As” will download the resource without needing another window to open. Sometimes this is “Save Target As…” or simply “Save As…” This will then SAVE (download) the Presentation file to your computer/device and you should then be able to open, edit and use the resource. 2. Copy/Paste Link into new Tab Right click and select "Copy Link". Paste this into a new Tab or Window on your browser and the fill should open/download. 3. "Keep" file when prompted it cannot be downloaded securely If you're getting the message "can't be downloaded securely", then click on the three dots in the Download menu (...) next to the file name/message and then select "Keep" which will prompt another message "This file can't be downloaded securely" to which select "Keep anyway" - the file will then download.
  • I'm having problems downloading resources (as a 'full site subscriber')
    Ensure "Pop-ups are enabled" on your browser Each “Download” link opens in a new window/tab prompting your browser to “pop-up” a new one. If this is disabled on your browser it will simply do nothing when clicked. Again, a quick Google search should allow you to check, depending on whichever browser you're using and it’s normally in the “Settings” menu. Check your username and password carefully With the launch of the new site, all existing log-in details in the form of usernames and passwords have been honoured and carried over. All usernames and passwords are case sensitive and use only lowercase characters (no capitals or spaces!) Please do check carefully that you're entering your username and password using only lowercase characters. Sadly, due to a security breach and continuous ‘free sharing’ of paid for copyright resources, a decision was made to move all resources to a new domain name – If you’re using a school computer or device or are going through a school network, then you’ll need to ensure that this is added to your ‘safe’ list – contact your IT department who may be able to do this in a few seconds.
  • I am getting an error message saying resources/files can't be downloaded securely...
    If you're getting the message "can't be downloaded securely", then click on the three dots in the Download menu (...) next to the file name/message and then select "Keep" which will prompt another message "This file can't be downloaded securely" to which select "Keep anyway" - the file will then download.
  • How will Musical Contexts protect my data when purchasing a subscription or an item from the Musical Contexts Shop?
    In line with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, Musical Contexts has the following Privacy Policy: Here at Musical Contexts we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us. Any personal details or data given through PayPal® are kept and used in accordance with their own Privacy Policy.
  • What is the Musical Contexts copyright policy regarding sharing of resources?
    All of the content within Musical Contexts has been created and sourced specifically for educational use. They are the intellectual property of the webmaster of Musical Contexts and are, therefore, protected by copyright law. Please do not copy or freely share materials from this site, rather, direct teachers and music education personnel to enjoy using Musical Contexts themselves.
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