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Football Classics Keyboard Skills from Musical Contexts contains treble clef melody line arrangements of 7 well-known songs and pieces of music connected with football.


Each song or piece of music is presented in four differentiated ways: (see sample image)

  • treble clef single line staff notation, lyrics and chords
  • treble clef single line staff notation with fingering, lyrics  and chords
  • treble clef single line staff notation with note names, lyrics and chords
  • treble clef single line staff notation with fingering, note names, lyrics and chords


The most complex Key Signatures are one sharp or one flat and the arrangements use Simple Time Signatures, several with anacrusis starts/upbeats.  Each song or piece of music contains dynamic markings, some with changes in dynamics, and a tempo or performance direction and some contain repeat markings and articulations to encourage effective performance technique.


Chords can be used as a Stretch and Challenge task and performed either as triads, using the "single finger" chord function found on several keyboards or on guitars or ukuleles, or any other suitable instrument as an accompaniment.


Football Classics Keyboard Skills is a flexible, practical and invaluable music resource that can be used year after year, especially during Football World Cup's and Euro's.  You could include arrangements within a "Keyboard Skills" unit, set one or more arrangements as practical keyboard cover work, or use arrangements as part of a "Football Music Keyboard Challenge".


Football Classics Keyboard Skills contains 32 scores and is available to download upon purchase as a ZIP file containing the separate arrangements as .pdf files: ideal for 'print, play and go!'

    Football Classics Keyboard Skills

    • Contents

      • God Save the King (in F Major and G Major)
      • Match of the Day Theme
      • Hey Jude
      • Whole Again
      • Engerland/Vindaloo
      • Three Lions
      • Sweet Caroline
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