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The Musical Contexts Secondary/KS3 Year 9 Units Quiz Bundle contains 10 unit-specific quizzes to support the Musical Contexts Fully-Resourced Secondary/KS3 Music Curriculum Year 9 units from the '99 Zone':

  • Dance Music
  • Soundtracks (Film Music)
  • Computer and Video Game Music
  • New Directions
  • Samba
  • What Makes a Good Song?


Each quiz is self-marking and worth 25 points and can be set via MS-Teams or on mobile devices.


The quizzes all cover Knowledge and Understanding from the Year 9 units and have a Critical Engagement: Listening and Appraising section at the end with links to YouTube videos.

Secondary/KS3 Year 9 Units Quiz Bundle (MS-Forms)


    • Quiz 1 & 2 - Dance Music (Exploring Rhythm, Chords and Metre in Music for Dance)
    • Quiz 3, 4 & 5 - Soundtracks (Exploring Film Music)
    • Quiz 6 - Computer and Video Game Music (Exploring Global Computer and Video Game Music)
    • Quiz 7 - New Directions (Exploring ways to develop music from small ideas in Twentieth Century music)
    • Quiz 8  - Samba (Exploring Polyrhythms and Improvisation)
    • Quiz 9 & 10 - What Makes a Good Song? (Exploring Popular Songs)
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