The Musical Contexts Great Big Music Quiz features a bumper 33 rounds of music trivia - an essential for every music teacher to have for end of term quizzing and (emergency) cover or homework.


At the end of each academic year, Musical Contexts produces a 'Great Big End of Summer Term Music Quiz' and this package features selected rounds from past music quizzes (2018-2021 inclusive).


The Musical Contexts Great Big Music Quiz package contains a "Main PowerPoint Quiz Presentation" featuring all 33 rounds complete with embedded audio .wav files which are also available as .mp3 files separately.  There's also both MS-Word and PDF formats of the "Main Quiz Booklet" which contains handouts of pictures and visual rounds, complete with quiz answers which are also featured on the 'notes' section of each PowerPoint slide. 

The "Contents" page gives a complete listing, together with some selected samples from the quiz booklet and quiz presentation.  Please note that 'popular music' rounds from previous quizzes have not been included for both expiration of copyright and the trend of 'pop songs' going "out of date" so quickly!

At under £1 a round, The Musical Contexts Great Big Music Quiz is a valuable investment for every music teacher's collection of 'go to' resources!

The Musical Contexts Great Big Music Quiz


    • Film Soundtracks Challenge (2 x Audio Rounds)
    • Pop Band and Artists Pictograms (2 Rounds)
    • TV Theme Challenge (3 x Audio Rounds)
    • Distortions (2 Rounds)
    • Disney Song Challenge (Audio Round)
    • TV Themes Staff Notation
    • The Retro Round (Audio Round)
    • Instruments of Pop
    • Video Game Challenge (Audio Round)
    • Emoji Pop Songs (2 Rounds)
    • Musical Instruments from Around the World
    • Drum Challenge
    • Pop Stars before they were famous
    • Where in the World? (World Music Audio Round)
    • The Great Composers Multiple Choice
    • Finish the Disney Song Lyrics
    • Name the Musical Instrument (Audio Round)
    • Black Musicians Challenge
    • Musical Notes, Signs and Symbols (2 Rounds)
    • Famous Secret Instrumentalists
    • Lego Musical Instruments
    • Pixelated Popstars
    • Famous Composers Pictograms
    • Guess the Musical (Audio Round)
    • Connect Fours