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Brand new for Christmas 2023 - The Musical Contexts Great Big New Christmas Music Quiz!


100 brand-new questions on Christmas Songs and Music - an essential for every music teacher at the end of a busy Christmas term. 


The quiz package can be set for music cover or set in teams during the last lesson(s) of term and comes as a fully-resourced package containing:

  • Master Quiz Presentation (PowerPoint format) with embedded audio files
  • Quiz Booklet (Word and PDF formats for handouts/paper-based rounds and also contains the quiz contents and index)
  • Quiz Answers (Word and PDF formats)
  • Quiz Answer Sheet (Word and PDF formats set for 5 and 10 question rounds)
  • Audio files available as MP3 and WAV formats for all quiz rounds.


The Musical Contexts Great Big New Christmas Music Quiz contains five rounds of 10 questions and ten rounds of 5 questions, newly designed to provide shorter rounds and greater flexibility for teachers when choosing which rounds to set.  


The fully-resourced quiz package downloads as a .ZIP file upon receipt of purchase and contains all of the contents listed above. 

The Musical Contexts Great Big New Christmas Music Quiz

  • Contents

    Round 1 - Recent Christmas Pop General Knowledge Multiple Choice (10 questions)

    Round 2 - Christmas Song Introductions (Audio Round) (10 questions)

    Round 3 - Famous Christmas Song Video Sills (10 questions)

    Round 4 - 8-Bit Chiptune Christmas Songs (Audio Round) (10 questions)

    Round 5 - Missing Vowels Christmas Songs (10 questions)

    Round 6 - Christmas Songs in other Languages (Audio Round) (5 questions)

    Round 7 - John Lewis Christmas Advert Songs (Audio Round) (5 questions)

    Round 8 - Christmas Colours (5 questions)

    Round 9 - Christmas Lyrics (5 questions)

    Round 10 - Christmas Films and Movie Music (Audio Round) (5 questions)

    Round 11 - New Releases Christmas Songs (Audio Round) (5 questions)

    Round 12 - Classical Christmas Music (Audio Round) (5 questions)

    Round 13 - Christmas Song Picture Challenge (5 questions)

    Round 14 - Christmas Covers (Audio Round) (5 questions)

    Round 15 - Minor Changes (Audio Round) (5 questions)

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