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The Musical Contexts Music Department Handbook provides Music Teachers, Heads of Music and Faculty Leaders with an instant, fully-editable 20-page customisable document template on which to base a Music Department Handbook.


There are spaces (indicated) to enter your school/college/academy name and school-specific details e.g. curriculum time, department and peripatetic staff, accommotation, extra-curricular music clubs, curriculum maps/learning journeys.


Includes the National Curriculum for Music at Key Stage 3 as well as summary points from the Research Review Series: Music (July 2021, Ofsted).

(Please note that the Model Music Curriculum (MMC) is not referred to within this document or at any other point on the Musical Contexts site).


The Musical Contexts Music Department Handbook will download as a completely editable and customisable Word Document (.docx format) upon receipt of payment.  

The Musical Contexts Music Department Handbook

  • Contents

    1. Aims of Teaching Music
    2. The Music Curriculum
    3. Music Curriculum Organisation
    4. Extra-Curricular Music
    5. Assessment in the Music Department
    6. Music Equal Opportunities Policy
    7. Music Learning Support Policy
    8. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
    9. Teaching and Learning Approaches
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