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If you're looking for some Music Cover Work for the final part of the summer term, then the Musical Contexts UEFA Euro 2024 Music Cover Pack provides instant football-themed music cover work which can be completed without any resources and in any classroom.


The pack contains 6 football-related music worksheets, each available in Word and PDF formats focusing on Pitch: Treble and Bass Clef Football Note Match Ups and Euro 2024 Teams Missing Letters and on Rhythm: Euro 2024 Teams Rhythms and England Football Team Rhythms.  There's also a fun Football Songs and Chants Melody Match where pupils match the melody line, given in treble clef staff notation, with famous chants and songs sang by fans at football matches.  (Pupils could go on to perform these melodies on keyboards, own instruments etc. if this was to be extended into a 'practical' lesson).

UEFA Euro 2024 Music Cover Pack

  • Contents

    • Bass Clef Football Note Match Up
    • England Football Team Rhythms
    • Euro 2024 Teams Missing Letters
    • Euro 2024 Teams Rhythms
    • Football Songs and Chants Melody Match
    • Treble Clef Football Note Match Up
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