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The Musical Contexts Year 7 Baseline Assessment Listening Tests

The Musical Contexts Year 7 Baseline Assessment Listening Tests come in two 'fully-resourced' alternative formats and provide a way of assessing musical knowledge, understanding and (Critical Engagement: Listening and Appraising). 

The test(s) can be administered at the start of Year 7, within the Building Bricks Musical Contexts unit, if following The Musical Contexts Key Stage 3 Learning Journey.


The scrolling galleries below give some samples and further information from each of the two Year 7 Baseline Assessment Listening Tests which are available to 'full-site subscribers' via a 'one click download' as a complete .zip file with resources available in PDF and Word formats with supporting media files.



Both with Full and Short Pupil Answer Booklets and Teacher Mark Schemes.

Record Player


All Audio and Video Files needed for both tests provided with full Audio Transcripts.



Choose from a 45-minute or 25-minute Baseline Assessment Listening Test.

Vintage Mirror


Reflection (WWW/EBI) and Target planning activity included with both tests.