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A '99 Zone' acces is exactly what is states: for just £99 you get unlimited access to 51 ZIP files packed full of  fresh ideas and inspiring music resources for the Primary and Secondary Classrooms - ideal whether you're a specialist or non-specialist music teacher - that's under £2 per zip file!


Just take the Musical Contexts "Fully-Resourced" Secondary/KS3 Music Curriculum - a complete unit-based approach covering Years 7, 8 and 9 (18 units).  Each 'fully-resourced' unit comes with resources, tasks and activities to supplement: Playing (singing and performing), Creating (composing and improvising), Critical Engagement (Listening and Appraising).  These include: Teacher Schemes of Work and Lesson Pathways, Knowledge Organisers, DOITNOW and Plenary Review Presentations, 5 Minutes Silent Reading Tasks, Cover and Homework Activities, Worksheets, Songs, Scores and all accompanying media files.  This complete curriculum is ideal for teachers in new schools where there are no existing Schemes of Work in place, or fresh inspiration to add to existing schemes.


Then there's the 10 topic-themed "Fully-Resourced" Primary/KS2 units linking to Science, Geography, Nature, Technology and History also included Teacher Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Starter and Plenary Activities, Songs, Scores and all accompanying media files.


There's also resources to support GCSE, AS and A-Level Music with Study Guides ranging from Film Music, Popular Music, Rhythms of the World, Voices and Vocal Music and Sonatas and Symphonies.  


Two Warm-Ups Compendium Presentations are packed full with fun an engaging warm-up activities, together with two Year 7 Baseline Listening Assessments - great for testing musical knowledge and understanding at the start of Year 7.


Every music teacher needs a bank of instant cover work from instant emergency music cover work for those last-minute difficult moments or awkward room changes: Music Festivals, Music Puzzles and My Music cover packs are included within the '99 Zone' and there's six World Music Guides covering Chinese, Indian, Salsa, Calypso, Gamelan and Steel Bands.


A Musical Contexts '99 Zone' access contains everything you need to free-up hours of time in music planning and resource preparation an instant 'online filing cabinet' of ready-made tried and tested quality music resources which every music teacher needs. 


The sample images in the product gallery contain just a snapshot, taken from different areas and from a range of resource types within the zone, of the wealth of resources within!

99 Zone Access

  • 99 Zone Contents

    Musical Contexts '99 Zone' access gives you access to all of the resources contained within ZIP files within the '99 Zone' menu on the site.  These include:

    • 10 topic-themed Primary/KS2 units
    • The Musical Contexts fully-resourced Secondary/KS3 Music Curriculum (18 fully-resourced Secondary/KS3 units)
    • GCSE, AS and A-Level Music Resources
    • Warm-Ups
    • Year 7 Baseline Assessment Listening Tests
    • Cover Bank
    • World Music Guides

    The fee is a one-time non-recurring payment and log-in details, in the form of a unique password, will be provided upon receipt of payment via email.  

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