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Cadenza is a new 20-part Musical Contexts Guide to Music Theory.


Ideal for KS3 as a 'Step up to GCSE Music' theory guide, Cadenza comes in two sets of 10 lessons/sessions.  Cadenza proves an excellent resource for assessing knowledge and understanding of essential music theory at GCSE, AS and A-Level Music.  Cadenza is also useful for 'Music Theory Clubs' and pupils working towards Music Theory Examinations.


This Cadenza Resource Package comprises of 10 lessons/sessions (see Lesson/Session Contents) each containing:

  • A PowerPoint Presentation which can be delivered in traditional 'lesson style' or narrated by the teacher (using the extensive slide notes) and recorded to make a video.
  • Worksheet with activities for pupils to complete (PDF and Doc formats)
  • Knowledge Organiser consolidating key facts and music theory knowledge and a useful revision tool (PDF and Doc formats)
  • Some lessons/sessions also have accompanying audio files that are embedded within the lesson/session Presentations as well as being available separately.


Each lesson/session is designed to take one hour's learning time and features:

  • What You Will Need - a slide detailing equipment and resources needed to complete the lesson/session.
  • DOITNOW Knowledge Retrieval Quiz - a short knowledge recall quiz on the previous lesson/session, with answers.
  • Musical Knowledge - carefully staged learning process of music theory concepts and a mix of explanation and pupil activities.
  • Answers to Activities - answers to all worksheet activities included within lesson/session Presentations.
  • Knowledge and Understanding Review - Forms Quiz - each lesson/session finishes with a multiple choice Forms Quiz worth 20 marks to assess knowledge and understanding.  These forms quizzes are NOT included within this Cadenza Resource Package and are available to purchase as an 'add-on' via the Musical Contexts Shop & Add-On Extras page in either MS-Forms or Google Forms formats.


Cadenza is an essential resource for all music teachers and can be used in several contexts, whether it be traditional lesson format, supported self study, distance or home learning, "Summer Holiday Work", revision or as cover activities and homework tasks for GCSE, AS & A-Level Music lessons.


Cadenza will be available as a 'digital download' following purchase as a complete .zip file with 10 separate folders containing the lesson/session resources.  


Cadenza Part 1 - The Musical Contexts Guide to Music Theory - Resource Package

  • Lesson/Session Contents

    • 1.1 - Treble Clef Staff Notation
    • 1.2 - Bass Clef Staff Notation
    • 1.3 - Note Values and Rests
    • 1.4 - Dots, Ties and Triplets
    • 1.5 -Time Signatures
    • 1.6 -Tempo and Dynamics
    • 1.7 - Sharps and Flats, Tones and Semitones
    • 1.8 - Major and Minor Scales
    • 1.9 - Key Signatures
    • 1.10 - Intervals
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