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The Elements of Music Cover Pack from Musical Contexts contains 10 instant music cover tasks, all of which can be completed without any IT, and ideal for when music lessons have been moved to 'non-specialist music rooms' with minimal equipment (paper, pens, etc.) - all ideal for either planned or emergency music cover work.


The Musical Contexts Elements of Music Cover Pack is available to download upon purchase as a ZIP file containing the separate cover tasks and activities as both customisable and editable Word files (.docx) and PDFs (.pdf) - ideal for 'print, set and go' instant cover work!

Elements of Music Cover Pack

  • Contents

    • All Things Dynamics
    • Elements of Music Anagrams
    • Elements of Music Dingbats
    • Elements of Music MADTSHIRT Crossword
    • Elements of Music MADTSHIRT Word Search Missing Words
    • Elements of Music MADTSHIRE Word Search Key Words
    • Elements of Music Sort Out
    • Elements Quotes
    • Illustrating the Elements of Music
    • The Mysterious Forest
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