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This pack of 11 Elements of Music Knowledge Organisers from Musical Contexts is an essential and invaluable resource and revision aid for all KS4/GCSE Music pupils, especially those following an Elements-based course.  The resource will also serve as a useful tool for KS5/AS and A-Level Music pupils on which to build during their studies.


Within the resource, there are 10 separate Elements of Music Knowledge Organisers that follow the MAD T-SHIRT method of classification:(Melody x2 (General Melody and Scales), Articulation, Dynamics (combined with tempo), Texture, Structure, Harmony x2 (General Harmony and Chords and  Cadences), Instruments, Rhythm, Tempo (combined with dynamics).  There is also one further knowledge organiser that provides a summary of all the elements.


The Musical Contexts Elements of Music Knowledge Organisers pack is available to download upon purchase as a ZIP file containing the separate knowledge organisers as both customisable and editable Word files (.docx) and PDFs (.pdf).

Elements of Music Knowledge Organisers

  • Contents

    • Articulation Knowledge Orgnaiser (see sample image)
    • Harmony - Chords and Cadences Knowledge Organiser (see sample image)
    • Harmony Knowledge Organiser
    • Instruments Knowledge Organiser (see sample image)
    • MADTSHIRT Elements of Music Summary Knowledge Organiser
    • Melody - Scales Knowledge Organiser
    • Melody Knowledge Organiser (see sample image)
    • Rhythm Knowledge Organiser
    • Structure Knowledge Organiser
    • Tempo and Dynamics Knowledge Organiser
    • Texture Knowledge Organiser
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