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Find a Class Musician Who... is a great resource to use with new Year 7's at the start of a new term/year to allow new students to get to know each other and to explore each other's musical knowledge and understanding: the activity involves 'getting up and moving around!'


The pack contains 2 x A4 sets of 'Bingo Cards' with 16 challenges on each.  Teachers may use either of the sets or even use both to set 32 challenges.  


How to use this resource: Pupils may only ask their classmates ONE question at a time, from the 'Bingo Cards' provided. If a pupil answers “YES”, the challenger needs to make sure they CAN answer their chosen question correctly and if so, asks them to write/sign their name in the box. If a pupil answer s“NO”, they must move on to someone else immediately.


The resource is available in both PDF and customisable and editable Word (.docx) formats should teachers want to amend or edit any of the challenges.

Find a Class Musician Who...

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