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This bumper Inside Classical Music Forms Quiz from Musical Contexts contains 100 questions providing a quick and simple way of testing and assessing pupil's knowledge and understanding of the Classical period in musical history.


The quiz begins with questions testing the essential facts about the Classical period: dates, meanings, the 'Classical style' and composers, before two more in-depth sections on Classical Instruments and Classical Structures and Genres.  The remaining Elements of Music (from MAD T-SHIRT) are tested in questions at the end of the quiz. 


This self-marking quiz contains 100 questions which immediately can convert to a percentage and there are no questions which require multiple answers (all single answers).  The quiz can be set in its entirity or broken down into smaller sections and edited by teachers.  


Inside Classical Music Forms Quiz is an essential resource for KS4/GCSE Music pupils who are exploring the Classical Period as part of their Areas of Study.  It can also be used as a 'Step up to AS or A-Level Music' resource, a valuable revision aid and it can also be used as planned or emergency music cover work.

Inside Classical Music Forms Quiz (MS-Forms)

  • Contents

    Section 1 - Introducting Classical Music (Questions 1-11)

    Section 2 - Classical Instruments (Timbres and Sonorities) (Questions 12-41)

    Section 3 - Classical Structures (Forms and Genres) (Questions 42-76)

    Section 4 - Classical Melody, Articulation, Dynamics, Texture, Harmony, Rhythm and Tempo (Questions 77-100)

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