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Instruments of the Orchestra Music Passport is part of the Musical Contexts Music Passport series which encourages pupils to research and record their findings and discovery of musical knowledge in a passport-style record.  


Pupils 'visit' different sections/families of the orchestra to research and discover the musical instruments found within.  Internet access/IT is probably required for pupils to explore and record their investigations fully.  


As well as instrument research, within each section/family there is suggested watching/listening repertoire focusing on the section/family of instruments being explored, together with a reflection task based on listening and Key Word research.


There is space for pupil's to explore and record their findings on the role of the Conductor, the layout of the Orchestra and to research the London Symphony and Halle Orchestras.  A Word Search contains Key Words and instruments met during their 'travels' around the orchestra and finally, there's a self-reflection task for pupils to complete once their passport is 'fully-stamped'.


Instruments of the Orchestra Music Passport would make an ideal cover task (where pupils have Internet access/IT), an extended project for music lessons in non-music classrooms, 'quiet music lessons in exam time', or for music lessons delivered by non-specialist music teachers.  


The 10 A4 pages of the Instruments of the Orchestra Music Passport have been laid out so that they are 'collated' and designed to be printed back-to-back on 5 A4 sheets each so when folded, they form a 'passport' of 20 A5 pages.  This can be enlarged and printed to A3 making things larger for pupils to complete their research and record their work.  To assist those who would rather have the format in a simpler template, an A4 uncollated template of the resource has also been provided in 20 sequential separate pages.  Both formats are available as Word (.docx) and PDF (.pdf) files and, of course, this resource can be set and completed entirely digitally.

Instruments of the Orchestra Music Passport

  • Contents

    • Instructions for completing "Music Passport"
    • Instrument research for orchestral instruments within the Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion families/sections
    • Key Words for each family/section to research.
    • Suggested watching/listening repertoire for each family/section with reflection opportunities.  
    • Research on the London Symphony Orchestra, the Halle Orchestra, the role of the Conductor and the layout of the Orchestra.
    • Word Search on instruments and key words relating to Instruments of the Orchestra.
    • Passport completion reflection task.
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