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Gathering feedback/data on what new pupils at the start of Year 7 have experienced in terms of music at primary schools, interest in music clubs, pupils who sing or play a musical instrument (lessons, instrument ownership, grades, etc.) and what pupils 'like' or an 'interested' in, in terms of their own music can be made simple with this Musical Contexts Music and Me Year 7 Questionnaire.


Ideal to set as a homework task, saving valuable lesson and learning time, during those first few music lessons of term, the completely editable Musical Contexts Music and Me Year 7 Questionnaire comes as a two-page hard copy as well as electronically with both MS-Forms and Google Forms versions available within this resource making feedback and data collection quick and easy.

Music and Me Year 7 Questionnaire

  • Contents

    • My Musical Experiences
    • Instruments and Singing
    • Music Clubs
    • My Music and Concerts
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