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Music Dictation Exercises from Musical Contexts contains five differentiated worksheets featuring both Rhythmic and Melodic Dictation Exercises.


These Music Dictation Exercises can be used to support learning and reinforce music theory at Secondary/KS3, or as Dictation practice towards GCSE Music Listening Examinations.  


Each of the five worksheets comes with an accompanying MP3 audio file which contains all of the necessary musical extracts to complete the exercises, as well as question prompts and playing announcements.  The exercises can, of course, be led and performed by the teacher as answers to all exercises are included.


Music Dictation Exercises is available to download upon purchase as a ZIP file containing the five separate worksheets as both customisable and editable Word files (.docx) and PDFs (.pdf) along with the five accompanying audio MP3 files.  

Music Dictation Exercises

  • Contents

    - Rhythm Dictation 1: Rhythm Grid and Single Line Rhythm Dictation (see sample image)

    - Rhythm Dictation 2: More complex Rhythm Grid and Single Line Rhythm Dictation featuring some Syncopation

    - Melodic Dictation 1: Question and Answer Phrases and simple Binary and Ternary Form melodies in Treble Clef Staff Notation

    - Melodic Dictation 2: Treble Clef Staff Notation featuring melodies and riffs from Popular Songs

    - Melodic Dictation 3: Two part Treble and Bass Clef Staff Notation featuring themes from Film Music Soundtracks

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