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This cover resource from Musical Contexts consists of a 1-hour lesson where pupils identify, examine, and explore the many and varied job roles, careers and employment opportunities within the music industry


Pupils will think about what possible music qualifications are available from Year 10 onwards, explore jobs within the music industry in everyday life and create a job description for a role within the music industry, identifying the relevant knowledge and skills needed, and create some questions that could be used at a job interview for a suitable applicant to this position in the music industry.


This lesson can be completed without any specific ‘music resources’ and requires pupils to have a copy of the Jobs, Careers and Employment Opportunities within the Music Industry Worksheet (provided in Word and PDF formats), together with either pens and pencils or this alternatively could be completed digitally online. This accompanying presentation can be used to take pupils through the lesson, if being ‘taught’. 


Alternatively, pupils can work at their own pace to complete the activities which are designed to last approximately for a 1-hour lesson.  This lesson is ideal to be used as music cover lesson for non-specialist or supply teachers and may also form a good introduction to further study of The Music Industry for courses such as BTECs.

Music Industry Cover Lesson

  • Contents

    • Music Industry PowerPoint Presentation
    • Music Industry 4-page Pupil Worksheet (Word and PDF formats)
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