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The Musicals Cover Pack from Musical Contexts is packed full of instant music cover resources and activities from the world of Musical Theatre and Musicals.  


Whether you're looking for unit-specific cover work on Musical Theatre and Musicals, or to set as part of general cover, then the Musicals Cover Pack is an essential for every music teacher's cover bank of resources.


Within the Musicals Cover Pack there are audio listening quizzes (MP3 and answers provided), listening questions and quizzes (MP3, worksheets and answers provided) and worksheets, puzzles, picture quizzes and a comprehension which can be completed with no IT or 'music resources' and ideal for 'print, set and go' cover.


The Musicals Cover Pack is available as a ZIP file upon purchase where all paper-based resources are available in PDF and customisable and editable Word (.docx) formats.

Musicals Cover Pack

  • Contents

    • Finish the Disney Musical Song Lyrics (Worksheet)
    • Guess the Disney Musical from a Song Audio Quiz (MP3)
    • Guess the Musical Audio Quiz (MP3)
    • Guess the Musicals Montage Picture Quiz (Worksheet)
    • Guess the Musicals Picture Quiz (Worksheet)
    • Listening to Songs from Musicals Listening Questions (Worksheet and MP3)
    • Musical Theatre Comprehension (Worksheet)
    • Musicals Picture Clues (Worksheet)
    • Musicals Word Search (Worksheet)
    • Opera or Musical Audio Quiz (MP3)
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