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The My Music Cover Pack from Musical Contexts contains a range of activities focusing on pupil's own musical likes and preferences including Creating Favourite Music and Songs Playlists, Desert Island Discs, Pop Band Logos and Designing and Promoting a Pop Brand Identity - all ideal for either planned or emergency music cover work.


With the exception of Musical Styles (which requires IT access to listen to four musical songs online), all of the activities can be completed without IT and can be set when music lessons have been moved to 'non-specialist music rooms' with minimal equipment (paper, pens, etc.).


The Musical Contexts My Music Cover Pack is available to download upon purchase as a ZIP file containing the separate activities as both customisable and editable Word files (.docx) and PDFs (.pdf) - ideal for 'print, set and go' instant cover work!

My Music Cover Pack

  • Contents

    - My Top Ten Playlist

    - My Music

    - Desert Island Discs

    - The Best Album in the World Ever!

    - Promoting Popular Music

    - Pop Band Logos

    - My Top 3 Songs

    - Musical Styles (requires internet access to listen to 4 different songs from YouTube®)

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