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The Ensemble Performing Arrangements from Musical Contexts give instant 'play and go' three-part arrangements of musical classics designed for flexible ensemble performing in the music classroom.


Each arrangement comes with a Lead Sheet giving treble clef melody line with chords and lyrics, a Full Score with melody, chords and bass line parts, individual Parts (melody, chords and bass line) with and without note names and a B flat melody part for transposing instruments.  Tempo, Dynamics, Performance Directions and Articulation markings are included as appropriate to encourage effective performance technique.  


There's also an information sheet that accompanies each arrangement which includes Historical Background and Context to the Music and using MAD T-SHIRT, analyses the arrangement in terms of Elements of Music, Theory, Knowledge and Effective Performance Technique.


This performing arrangement is available as a ZIP file upon purchase containing PDF scores of all the resources for instant 'print, play, practice, perform' learning and music-making in the classroom.

Three Lions

  • Contents

    • Lead Sheet with treble clef melody, chords and lyrics
    • Full Score (melody, chords and bass line parts)
    • Parts (melody, chords and bass line) with and without note names
    • B flat melody line part
    • Information Sheet
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