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This pack of five Knowledge Organisers from Musical Contexts, covers the main periods of the Western Classical Tradition of music history: the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods.


The three historical musical periods give a concise summary of main musical features and developments, dates, how the Elements of Music were used in each period (MAD T SHIRT), instruments, timbres and sonorities, the orchestra, key composers and musical knowledge.


Two "summary" Knowledge Organisers compare the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods and the Development of the Orchestra in pictoral diagrams.


These Knowledge Organisers will prove invaluable as knowledge consolidation for KS4/GCSE Music pupils covering the Western Classical Tradition Areas of Study as well as a useful revision aid for KS5 AS & A-Level Music.  

Western Classical Tradition Music History Knowledge Organisers

  • Contents

    • Baroque Period Knowledge Organiser
    • Classical Period Knowledge Organiser
    • Romantic Period Knowledge Organiser
    • Baroque, Classical and Romantic Periods Summary Knowledge Organiser
    • The Development of the Orchestra Knowledge Organiser
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