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The Musical Contexts Year 8 Online Digital Music Baseline Assessment can be used at the start of Year 8 to obtain instant data to assess pupil's prior knowledge and understanding of music.


The test has 50 QUESTIONS and can therefore be easily converted to a percentage.


The test is entirely multiple choice and completely self-marking.


The test is in two parts.  The first section (23 questions), requires the Year 8 Online Digital Music Baseline Assessment Test MP3 Audio File (included with this bundle) to be played continuously (or paused between sections/questions although silence and announcements are included).  The second section (27 questions) does not require any music or audio extracts and teachers are free to set a suitable time period for completion. 


Please note that is is an online digital product only and is not available in hard/paper copy format.

Year 8 Online Digital Music Baseline Assessment Test (MS-Forms)

  • Contents

    Part 1 - Listening and Critical Engagement (Audio)

    • Understanding of Musical Genres
    • Recognising Rhythms and Melodies
    • Recognising Musical Instruments 1 (Aurally)

    Part 2 - Knowledge and Understanding

    • Knowledge of the Elements of Music
    • Recognising Musical Instruments 2 (Visually)
    • Recognising Music Notation
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