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Music Class

Welcome to Musical Contexts

An online filing cabinet of tried and tested instant, ready-made fresh ideas and inspiring music resources for all Primary and Secondary Music Classrooms.

Fully-resourced topic-based Primary units and complete KS3 Music Curriculum Plan, Cover, Forms Quizzes, Tests and Assessments, History, Theory, Warm-Ups, Christmas Music, Seasonal Quizzes, Baseline Assessments and much more!

Latest News and New Resources

Featured Music Resources


Christmas Music Resources

Christmas Carols Keyboard Skills, Christmas Classics Keyboard Skills, Christmas Ensemble Classics, Christmas Music Cover Work and The Musical Contexts Great Big Christmas Music Quiz!

Exam Day

Music Cover Work

Music Festivals, Music Puzzles, My Music, Elements of Music, Comprehensions, Music 'Passports', General Music Cover Activities and even two packs of Christmas Music Cover work!  Musical Contexts has all your planned and emergency music cover work ready for you, including any unexpected room moves or dreaded 'silent' music lessons in exam time.

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Back to School September Resources

The Musical Context's Music and Me Year 7 Questionnaire provides a quick and easy way of collecting data of new Year 7's musical experiences and interests and is also available in digital Forms formats.  The Years 7, 8 and 9 Online Digital Music Baseline Assessment Tests provides instant, paper-free assessments to gain instant data at the start of a new year/term.

Sheet Music

Music History

Inside Baroque, Classical and Romantic Music Forms Quizzes, WCT Music History Knowledge Organisers and History of Music WCT Comprehensions - essential resources for supporting your teaching and your pupil's learning of music history of the Western Classical Tradition at KS3, GCSE/KS4 and AS and A-Level/KS5.

My name is Rob Blythe

As an organist and accompanist, I founded Musical Contexts in 2008 where my passion and drive for creating quality music resources was realised.  I have taught music in schools in Surrey, Hampshire, London and Northumberland and along with my Cert Ed. gained a First Class Honours in Music and Classical Studies with the Open University in 2013. 

I continue to perform as a freelance organist in and around London. 

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