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Inside Baroque Music Resource Pack

Inside Baroque Music Resource Pack from Musical Contexts provides a fully-resourced set of activities on all aspects of Baroque Music allowing pupils to fully "Baroque-On!"

The 23-page Study Guide covers Baroque Music in terms of the Elements of Music (MAD T-SHIRT), supported by listening and analysis activities, each accompanied with an Audio MP3 file and track listing, answers and discussion in the Teacher's Notes.

Inside Baroque Music Resource Pack is a great resource for GCSE Music pupils studying Musical Forms and Devices in the WCT, The Concerto Through Time (Baroque Concerto Grosso and Solo Concerto), Vocal and Instrumental Music. It would also be useful as a 'Step up to AS and A-Level Music' resource for pupils exploring Vocal and Instrumental Music in the Baroque Period.

The resource downloads as a ZIP file upon purchase and contains all the resources therein. The Study Guide and Teacher's Notes are available in Word and PDF formats and the audio files in MP3 format.


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