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Inside Music 2 Week Project Cover Pack

An essential cover resource for every music teacher's "music cover bank"

Inside Music is a short project of two 1-hour lessons that can be delivered with the most minimal of music resources and instead of ‘practical music making’ (which is always to be encouraged!), provides teachers, non-music specialists or cover and supply teachers with two lessons of work designed to get pupils actively thinking about music in a range of different contexts.

Inside Music can ideally be delivered in circumstances where ‘practical music making’ may not be possible, for example during exam time and the need for ‘silent music lessons’, in the event of classroom changes or when specialist music teachers are unavailable. Inside Music can also be used flexibly as separate two stand-alone individual 1-hour cover lessons.

Each of the two lessons are designed to last one hour and are resourced with pupil worksheets (Word and PDF formats), lesson Presentations and each lesson requires the playing of an audio file which are provided in both MP3 and WAV formats, which can be played to the whole class (equipment such as a Bluetooth speaker or whiteboard with speakers) or if pupils have access to laptops and listening devices, these can be uploaded to shared platforms online.

Inside Music features a specially commissioned illustration (by Miguel Santos for Musical Contexts) showing 'Music All Around Us' which pupils will enjoy investigating and exploring in lesson 2 and any non-specialist, cover or supply teacher will hopefully enjoy teaching and delivering these lessons!


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