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Introducing Musical Periods

Introducing Musical Periods from Musical Contexts is a great resource to present and establish the key musical features of the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods of music within the Western Classical Tradition.

Each of the three key musical periods comes with two activities: "What can you see?" - a visual analysis task where pupils answer and respond to questions on images and stimuli from the period - and "What can you hear?" - a listening and analysis task where pupils think about how the Elements of Music (MAD T-SHIRT) have been used within a typical piece of period music.

Each activity comes complete with Teacher's Notes, Answers and Discussion and MP3 Audio Files are included for the "What can you hear?" tasks, along with optional QR codes that link to YouTube® videos of live performances of the pieces.

Introducing Musical Periods will form both an excellent introduction and revision aid for GCSE Music pupils or as a 'step up to AS or A-Level Music' when looking at the Western Classical Tradition. They can also be used in Secondary/KS3 lessons when exploring music of a certain period and can easily be adapted into shorter DOITNOW or Exit Quizzes.


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