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Music Industry Cover Lesson

An essential resource for every music teacher's cover bank!

This 1-hour cover lesson is ideal for music lessons that do not have access to any specialist music equipment or resources, have been re-roomed into non-music classrooms, or for a lesson that is delivered by a non-specialist or supply teacher.

Pupils identify and explore the wide range of jobs, careers and employment opportunities within the music industry as well as thinking about possible music qualifications available to them from Year 10 onwards.

They visually identify different roles within the music industry and select one to create a short job description and three interview questions that could be used for someone applying their position.

The fully-resourced lesson can be led by a teacher presentation and comes with a 4-page pupil worksheet in Word and PDF formats. A pen/pencil is all that is required (although pupils may complete the Word version digitally online).


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