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Musical Periods Listening Tasks

These three Listening Quizzes from Musical Contexts challenge pupil's knowledge to correctly aurally identify music from the three main periods of music history in the Western Classical Tradition: Baroque, Classical and Romantic.

Each of the Listening Quizzes contains an MP3 audio file of 10 edited musical extracts, along with a pupil answer sheet and teacher's notes, track listings, answers and discussion.

As only some of the musical extracts in each quiz correctly belong to a specific musical period, an optional stretch and challenge activity includes challenging pupils to place the 'odd musical extracts out' into their most suitable musical period: Baroque, Classical, Romantic or 20th Century.

These Listening Quizzes will form an excellent revision aid for GCSE Music pupils preparing for the Listening Examination or as a 'step up to AS or A-Level Music' when looking at the Western Classical Tradition. They can also be used in Secondary/KS3 lessons when exploring music of a certain period and can easily be adapted into shorter DOITNOW or Exit Quizzes with a simple: "Hands up if you hear a Baroque/Classical/Romantic piece" to test knowledge and understanding.

The Identifying Musical Periods Listening Tasks is available as a ZIP file upon purchase containing PDF and customisable and editable Word (.docx) versions of pupil and teacher sheets and MP3 audio files.


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