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Cadenza is a new 20-part Musical Contexts Guide to Music Theory.


Ideal for KS3 as a 'Step up to GCSE Music' theory guide, Cadenza is a 20-part series available in two sets of 10 lessons/sessions.  Cadenza proves and excellent resource for assessing knowledge and understanding of essential music theory at GCSE, AS and A-Level Music.  Cadenza is also useful for 'Music Theory Clubs' and pupils working towards Music Theory Examinations.


This Cadenza Forms Quiz Bundle contains 10 Music Theory Quizzes which assess Knowledge and Understanding from Cadenza Part 1.  They can be used at the end of each Cadenza lesson (as suggested within the lessons/sessions) or can be used completely as 'stand alone music theory quizzes'.  Each self-marking quiz is worth 20 points, which can be set via MS-Teams or on mobile devices.


Cadenza Part 1 - The Musical Contexts Guide to Music Theory - Resource Package is available via the Musical Contexts Shop & Add-On Extras page and comprises of a set of 10 lessons including PowerPoint Presentations which can be delivered in traditional 'lesson style' or narrated (using the slide notes) and recorded into a video for home and distance learning, cover or homework, Worksheets and Knowledge Organisers.  


N.B.  These are the same "Music Theory Quizzes" that were previously available under the title "Musical Contexts Music Theory Quizzes" - please do not repeat purchase!


Cadenza Part 1 (The MC Guide to Music Theory) MS-Forms Quiz Bundle


    • 1.1 & 1.2 - Treble and Bass Clef Staff Notation
    • 1.3 - Note Values and Rests
    • 1.4 - Dots, Ties and Triplets
    • 1.5 -Time Signatures
    • 1.6 -Tempo and Dynamics
    • 1.7 - Sharps and Flats, Tones and Semitones
    • 1.8 - Major and Minor Scales
    • 1.9 - Key Signatures
    • 1.10 - Intervals
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