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Christmas Ensemble Classics

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Christmas Ensemble Classics - flexible classroom performing packs featuring accessible and playable Christmas Song arrangements in Melody, Chords and Bass Line formats. Perfect for a "Christmas Band Skills" unit or a "Christmas Battle of the Bands" challenge.

Ideal for ensemble performing in the Primary/KS2 and Secondary/KS3 music classrooms, each volume contains five arrangements of well-known Christmas Songs.

Each song arrangement comes with 10 Performing Sheets and Scores: Melody part with lyrics and chord letters (with and without note names), Chords part with chord letters, chord names and colour-coded Primary Chords (with and without note names), Bass Line part (with and without note names), Full Score (with and without note names), B flat and E flat Melody parts for transposing instruments.

The arrangements are designed to be flexible enough to perform on a range of classroom instruments, for example the Melody part can be played on keyboards, pitched chromatic percussion instruments – glockenspiels, xylophones, metallophones, chime bars etc. – as well as pupil’s own instruments and, of course, sung! Chords can be played on guitars, ukuleles or keyboards and Bass Line parts on bass guitars, keyboards or pitched percussion.

Christmas Ensemble Classics are an invaluable resource which can be used year after year!



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